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We offer full-scale business consulting services from basic marketing plans to organizational strategy and implementation services. Below is a brief summary of services provided by Unparalleled Consulting as we seek to provide services on an individualized basis to meet the unique needs of your organization. Examples of services provided include the following:


  • Business solution development
  • Image accounting- (PR)
  • Assistance acquiring government contracts
  • Acquisition of 501(C)3 status
  • Assist in acquiring educational accreditation
  • Grant acquisition and fundraising

Financial services offered include but are not limited to bookkeeping, creation of financial statements, auditing, financial performance analysis, budget creation, payroll accounting, business tax services, setup of basic accounting systems, fraud examination, fund-raising plan development, and specialized training services.

Our team will create a full business plan inclusive of but not limited to three years of pro forma statements, SWOT analysis, marketing research and plan, industry research and trend analysis, and competitor analysis.

We offer full-scale project management services inclusive of but not limited to assistance in developing an implementation plan, cost control, WBS, project analysis, and knowledge management services.

Organizational capacity and efficiency assessment and development services. These service can be as simple as assessing and building customer sastisfaction or all inclusive as overall organizational effectiveness or performance evaluation. This may also include process mapping as well as strategy development, training, and implementation to build upon strengths and eliminate weaknesses.

We offer individualized training services for various entities whether that be for-profit or non-profit entities. We have years of experience training in various areas a few of which are customer service, management, marketing, computer technology, team development, curriculum design, program review, opportunity recognition, internal controls, and accounting.

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